Pit Bull Ordinances in Tennessee

City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of Ordinance
AdamsvilleSection: 10-204Pit bulls declared “vicious”
BaileytonSection: 10-204Pit bulls declared “vicious”
BrownsvilleNews articleRestricts: pit bulls
DucktownNews articleBans: pit bulls
DyerSection: 10-30Bans: pit bulls
Estill SpringsSection: 10-302Bans: pit bulls
EtowahNews articleBans: pit bulls
FayettevilleSection: 10-303, 10-310Pit bulls presumed “dangerous”
Grand JunctionSection: 10-201, 10-202Bans: pit bulls
GreenbrierSection: 10-401, 10-402Restricts: pit bulls
HallsSection: 10-204Pit bulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers declared “vicious”
Hardeman CountyNews articleBans: pit bulls
HarrimanSection: 10-101Pit bulls declared “dangerous or vicious”
HendersonSection: 10-208Bans: pit bulls
HornbeakNews articlePit bulls, doberman pinschers, rottweilers, German shepherds, Japanese akitas, chow chows and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
JasperNews articleBans: pit bulls
Jefferson CitySection: 10-301Pit bulls declared “vicious”
KentonNews articlePit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
LafayetteSection: 10-410, 10-402Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Lookout MountainNews articlePit bulls declared “vicious”
MadisonvilleSection: 10-204Pit bulls declared “vicious”
ManchesterSection: 10-310Pit bulls declared “vicious”
MiddletonSection: 10-302Bans: pit bulls
MorrisonSection: 10-202Bans: pit bulls
Mt. JulietDog park policyPit bulls are banned from dog parks
ParisSection: 3-201bPit bulls declared “vicious”
PuryearSection: 10-301, 10-302Bans: pit bulls
Red Boiling SpringsSection: 10-216Pit bulls declared “vicious”
RogersvilleSection: 10-206Bans: pit bulls | Learn more
RipleySection: 10-108Pit bulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers declared “vicious”
RutherfordOrdinance 2011-4Bans: pit bulls | Learn more
SelmerSection: 10-301, 10-302Bans: pit bulls
SomervilleSection: 10-301, 10-302Bans: pit bulls
South FultanSection: 10-301Pit bulls, rottweilers, doberman pinscers, and German shepherds require special permit
South PittsburgSection: 10-301, 10-302Bans: pit bulls
SpartaSection: 10-310, 10-302Bans: pit bulls
SpringfieldSection: 10-401, 10-402Restricts: pit bulls
WartraceSection: 10-301, 10-302Bans: pit bulls
WatertownSection: 10-301, 10-302Bans: pit bulls
White PineSection: 10-204Pit bulls declared “vicious”

Ordinances last verified as active on July 29, 2017