Pit Bull Ordinances in Ohio

City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of Ordinance
AkronSection: 92.25Restricts: pit bulls, canary dogs and American bulldogs
AshtabulaSection: 505.14Pit bulls declared “vicious,” ownership restrictions
BarbertonSection: 618.19Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Bedford HeightsSection: 505.21Pit bulls declared “vicious”
BellefontaineSection: 505.14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
BellvilleSection: 93.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
BexleySection: 618.16Restricts: pit bulls, including mandatory sterilization
Broadview HeightsSection: 618.19Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Brook ParkSection: 506.01, 506.03Bans: pit bulls, American bulldogs and presa canarios
BrooklynSection: 505.29Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Canal WinchesterSection: 505.14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
CarlisleSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
ChardonSection: 505.16Pit bulls declared “vicious”
CheviotSection: 90.10Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Cleveland HeightsSection: 505.091Pit bulls declared “vicious”
ColumbianaSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
ConneautSection: 505.14Pit bulls, American bulldogs and presa canarios declared “vicious”
Elmwood PlaceSection: 90.26Bans: pit bulls
EnglewoodSection: 618.195Pit bulls declared “vicious”
FairfieldSection: 505.17Bans: pit bulls
FairlawnSection: 618.19Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Fairview ParkSection: 505.17Pit bulls declared “vicious”
GallipolisSection: 505.14Bans: pit bulls
GirardSection: 505.14Bans: pit bulls
GreenvilleSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
KentonSection: 618.16Pit bulls declared “vicious”
LimaSection: 618.08Restricts: pit bulls
LisbonSection: 505.15Bans: pit bulls
LocklandSection: 618.16Pit bulls declared “vicious”
MariettaSection: 505.16Pit bulls declared “vicious”
MiamisburgSection: 618.15Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Middleburg HeightsSection: 618.21Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
New LexingtonSection: 503.04Bans: pit bulls
North OlmsteadSection: 505.16Pit bulls, presa canarios and American bulldogs declared “vicious”
Olmsted FallsSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
OregonSection: 505.16Pit bulls declared “vicious,” limited to one per household
ParmaSection: 618.09Bans: pit bulls
PerrysburgSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
PortsmouthSection: 505.14Restricts: pit bulls
noted ordinance
PolandSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Put-in-BaySection: 618.01Bans: pit bulls
RiversideSection: 505.14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Rome TownshipNews articleBans: pit bulls
Sheffield LakeSection: 505.18Pit bulls declared “vicious”
ShelbySection: 618.01Bans: pit bulls
SpringdaleSection: 90.15Pit bulls declared “vicious”
StruthersSection: 505.16Pit bulls declared “vicious”
TrotwoodSection: 505.14Pit bulls and guarding breeds, including German shepherds and doberman pinschers, declared “vicious”
UhrichsvilleSection: 507.03Pit bulls and presa canarios declared “dangerous”
UnionSection: 505.16Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Upper ArlingtonSection: 519.01, 519.06Pit bulls declared “vicious”
VermilionSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of GlenwillowSection: 505.14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of Golf ManorOrdinance 505-18Bans: pit bulls
Village of GreenfieldSection: 505.15Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of LakemoreOrdinance 1542-2015Pit bulls, American bulldogs and presa canarios declared “vicious”
Village of Lincoln HeightsSection: 90.52Bans: pit bulls
Village of LoudonvilleSection: 618.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of MiddleportSection: 505.13Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of PioneerSection: 505.14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of PlymouthSection: 90.28Bans: pit bulls
Village of SunburySection: 505.14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of SwantonSection: 90.22Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of Waite HillSection: 505.13Pit bulls declared “vicious”
WarrenSection: 505.13Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Warrensville HeightsSection: 505.20Bans: pit bulls
XeniaSection: 618.02Restricts: pit bulls, American bulldogs and presa canarios
ZanesvilleSection: 505.20Pit bulls declared “vicious”

Ordinances last verified as active on December 8, 2019