Pit Bull Ordinances in Louisiana

City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of Ordinance
AbbevilleSection: 4-1, 4-41Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “dangerous”
AddisSection: 4-1Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
BastropSection: 5-23, 5-31Pit bulls presumed “dangerous”
BerwickSection: 4-51, 4-54Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
Breaux BridgeSection: 5-21, 5-27Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “dangerous”
BunkieSection: 4:65, 4:73Pit bulls and rottweilers presumed “vicious”
CrowleySection: 4-50Japanese akitas, Alaskan malamutes, chow chows, doberman pinschers, German shepards, pit bulls, presa canarios, Siberian huskies, Staffordshire bull terriers and wolf-hybrids declared “dangerous or vicious”
FranklinSection: 10-07, 10-46Pit bulls declared “vicious”
GretnaSection: 8-36Restricts: pit bulls
JeaneretteNews articlePit bulls declared “vicious”
LeesvilleSection: 10-113Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Lincoln ParishOrdinance 322-10-0Pit bulls declared “vicious”
LutcherSection: 14-126Pit bulls declared “vicious”
MamouSection: 6.04.080Bans: pit bulls
MandevilleSection: 4-14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
MarksvilleSection: 4-50, 4-57Pit bulls presumed “dangerous”
MindenSection: 14-50, 14-51Restricts: pit bulls and rottweilers
Morgan CitySection: 18-64, 18-65Bans: pit bulls; declares pit bulls and rottweilers “vicious”
New LlanoNews articleBans: pit bulls
PattersonSection: 6-16Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
PlaquemineSection: 5-5, 5-9Restricts: pit bulls and limits to two per household
RayneSection: 18-23, 18-24, 18-31Pit bulls presumed “dangerous”
St. Charles ParishSection: 4-1, 4-10Restricts: pit bulls and wolf hybrids
St. FrancisvilleSection: 4-42, 4-44Bans: pit bulls
St. John the Baptist ParishSection: 6-153Restricts: pit bulls and wolf hybrids
St. Landry ParishNews articleShelter has a no-adopt out pit bull policy
St. Martinville2019 MinutesPit bulls declared “vicious”
St. Mary ParishSection: 4-141Bans: pit bulls within unincorporated areas of the parish
Town of ArcadiaSection: 5-28.2, 5-28.9Pit bulls presumed “dangerous”
Town of CottonportNews articlePit bulls presumed “vicious”
Town of DelhiSection: 6.28.010, 6.28.030Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Town of KentwoodSection: 8-33, 8-44Pit bulls presumed “dangerous”
Town of KindnerSection: 4-103Bans: pit bulls
Town of Lake ArthurOrdinance 486Bans: pit bulls
Town of PollockOrdinance 03-04DPit bulls declared “vicious”
Town of WashingtonOrdinance 2009Restricts: pit bulls
Village of FentonNews articleBans: pit bulls
Ville PlatteSection: 5-41Pit bulls declared “vicious”
WestwegoSection: 8-119Restricts: pit bulls
White CastleSection: 4-3Pit bulls, rottweilers, doberman pinschers and German shepherds declared “dangerous”
WinnfieldSection: 4-45Bans: pit bulls

Ordinances last verified as active on September 26, 2019