Pit Bull Ordinances in Kentucky

City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of Ordinance
AlexandriaSection: 90.22Bans: pit bulls
AuburnSection: 90.015, 90.55Pit bulls declared “vicious”
AugustaSection: 90.22Bans: pit bulls
BellevueSection: 90.07Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Bracken CountyLaw articleBans: pit bulls
ButlerOrdinance 841Restricts: pit bulls
CovingtonSection: 90.01, 90.09Pit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
Cresent SpringsSection: 90.30Pit bulls declared “vicious”
DaytonSection: 91.24Bans: pit bulls
ErlangerSection: 91.02wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
ElsmereSection: 90.10Bans: pit bulls
FalmouthOrdinance 841Restricts: pit bulls
FlatwoodsSection: 3-30Pit bulls, rottweilers, chow chows, doberman pinschers and wolf-dog hybrids declared “potentially vicious”
FlemingsburgSection: 90.01Pit bulls, rottweilers and chow chows declared “vicious”
Fort ThomasSection: 91.37Bans: pit bulls
FranklinSection: 91.01Pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
FultonSection: 8-5Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
Horse CaveOrdinance 2008-01Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
Lewis CountyNews articlePit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids presumed “vicious”
Lincoln CountySection: 90.15 to 90.18Restricts: pit bulls, bullmastiffs, cane corsos, Caucasian ovcharkas, chow chows, doberman pinschers, dogo argentinos, gull dongs, presa canarios, rottweilers, tosa inus, wolf-dog hybrids and all dogs over 80 pounds
Livingston CountyOrdinance 2013Restricts: pit bulls and rottweilers
MayfieldSection: 3-5.1Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
MaysvilleSection: 199.01, 199.09Bans: pit bulls
MoreheadSection: 90.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
NewportSection: 96.40Pit bulls declared “vicious”
ParisSection: 51.1Pit bulls “unreasonably dangerous,” multiple restrictions
Pendleton CountyOrdinance 841Restricts: pit bulls
ScottsvilleSection: 90.11Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
Simpson CountyOrdinance 310.14Pit bulls, rottweilers wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
SouthgateSection: 91.01, 91.11Restricts: pit bulls
Union CountyDog Warden FAQPit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
VanceburgNews articlePit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
WaltonChapter: 90.21Bans: pit bulls
WilliamstownSection: 90.21Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers, and bullmastiffs