Pit Bull Ordinances in Kansas

City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of Ordinance
AbileneNews articleBans: pit bulls
AlmaSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
AltamontOrdinance 591Bans: pit bulls
AndoverSection: 2.311Bans: pit bulls
AnthonySection: 2-214Bans: pit bulls
ArgoniaOrdinance 560Bans: pit bulls
AtticaSection: 2-123Bans: pit bulls
AugustaSection: 2-101Declares pit bulls, rottweilers, wolf hybrids and tundra shepherds “dangerous”
Baxter SpringsSection: 6.20Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
BellevilleSection: 6.12.010Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
Blue RapidsSection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls
BucklinSection: 302Bans: pit bulls
BurdenNews articleMandatory pit bull sterilization; no more than two per household; felons prohibited from ownership
BurlingameSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
ChanuteSection: 6.04.130Bans: pit bulls
ChapmanSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
Cherokee CountyCherokee County Sheriff’s OfficeBans: pit bulls
Clay CenterSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
ColbyOrdinance 1544Prohibits pit bulls from being housed at kennel or boarding facilities
Cottonwood FallsSection: 2-201Bans: pit bulls
CunninghamSection: 2-211Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
De SotoSection: 2-108Bans: pit bulls
DeerfieldSection: 2.301Bans: pit bulls
DightonNews articleBans: pit bulls
Dodge CityOrdinance 3382Bans: pit bulls
DouglassSection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls
El DoradoSection: 6.20.040Mandatory pit bull sterilization; no more than two per household; felons prohibited from ownership
EllinwoodSection: 2-201Bans: pit bulls
EllsworthSection: 6.04.360Bans: pit bulls
EurekaSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
Fort ScottSection: 6.08.130Bans: pit bulls
FrontenacSection: 98-004Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
Garden PlainOrdinance 612Bans: pit bulls
GirardOrdinance 1138Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers
Goodland CitySection: 2-232Bans: pit bulls with exceptions, including mandatory sterilization, one per household and more
GreensburgSection: 2.401Bans: pit bulls
HavenOrdinance 510Bans: pit bulls
HaysSection: 5-123Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
HesstonSection: 2-125Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
HiawathaSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
HolcombNews articleBans: pit bulls
Holton2016 MinutesBans: pit bulls
HopeOrdinance 414Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
HugotonSection: 2-302Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
HumboldtOrdinance 1415Restricts: pit bulls and rottweilers
IndependenceSection: 10-60Bans: pit bulls
Jackson CountyNews articleMandatory pit bull registration
Jefferson CountyResolution 97-32Bans: pit bulls
Junction CitySection: 215.040Bans: pit bulls
KingmanSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
KinsleySection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
KiowaSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
LansingOrdinance 945Bans: wolf dog hybrids
LeawoodSection: 2-102, 2-109Bans: pit bulls
LenoraOrdinance 323Bans: pit bulls | verified February 10, 2018
LiberalSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
LincolnSection: 2-403Bans: pit bulls
LindsborgSection: 8-260Bans: pit bulls
LinwoodSection: 2-111Bans: wolf-dog hybrids
LouisburgSection: 2-302Bans: pit bulls
LyndonOrdinance 556Bans: pit bulls
MaizeSection: 2-401Bans: pit bulls
ManhattanSection: 6-25Owners of the following breeds held to a “very high standard of care regarding their knowledge of factors or incidents that indicate that the dog may be dangerous,” including: American pit bull terrier; American staffordshire terrier; Argentine dogo; cane corso; chow; Dogue de bordeaux; doberman pinscher; fila brasileiro; German shepherd; perro de presa canario; rottweiler; Staffordshire bull terrier
MarionSection: 2-203Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
MarquetteSection: 2-102Bans: pit bulls
MeridenSection: 2-315Pit bulls declared “vicious” by rebuttable presumption
MiltonvaleSection: 2-40Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers and chow chows
MinneapolisSection: 2-210Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers
MolineCity WebsiteBans: pit bulls
Mound CitySection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls
Mount HopeSection: 2.401Bans: pit bulls
NeodeshaSection: 6-124Bans: pit bulls
New StrawnSection: 2–301Bans: pit bulls
OakleySection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
OskaloosaAnimal ControlBans: pit bulls
OttawaSection: 3-329Bans: pit bulls
Overland ParkSection: 6.10Bans: pit bulls
model ordinance
OzawkieSection: 2-110Bans: pit bulls
PaolaSection: 200.210Bans: pit bulls
Park CityAnimal FAQBans: pit bulls
ParsonsSection: 205-11Bans: pit bulls
PittsburgSection: 10-105Bans: pit bulls
PlainsSection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls
PlainvilleSection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls
Prairie VillageSection: 2-105Bans: pit bulls
RossvilleSection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls
RussellSection: 2.210Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
SalinaSection: 7-142Bans: pit bulls
SantanaSection: 2-202Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
Seward CountyOrdinance 2011-07Restricts: pit bulls
SolomonSection: 2-116Bans: pit bulls
SterlingSection: 1(b)Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
SubletteOrdinance 280Restricts: pit bulls
UdallSection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers, wolf hybrids and tundra shepherds
UlyssesSection: 2-301Bans: pit bulls
WatervilleOrdinance 542Bans: pit bulls
WestwoodSection: 2-108Bans: pit bulls and presa canarios
WichitaSection: 6.04, 6.08.010Mandatory sterilization and microchip: pit bulls and bans wolf-dog hybrids
WilliamsburgOrdinance 395Bans: pit bulls
Yates CenterOrdinance 1096Bans: pit bulls

Ordinances last verified as active on June 24, 2019