>Pit Bull Ordinances in Illinois
City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of Ordinance
BarrySection: 5-5-2Bans: pit bulls
ChampaignSection: 7-5Bans: wolf-dog hybrids
MarkhamSection: 92.17, 92.42Pit bulls declared “vicious”
North ChicagoSection: 8-17-1Restricts: pit bulls
Prospect HeightsSection: 9-1-2Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Village of Buffalo GroveSection 6.12.125Restricts: pit bulls and rottweilers
Village of CahokiaSection: 90.52Bans: pit bulls
Village of HanoverSection: 91.11Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of MaywoodSection: 93.30Restricts: pit bulls

Ordinances last verified as active on December 19, 2018